Our Departments


Quality Meat

Our staff can season, stuff and marinate special cuts of beef, pork, poultry and more. And we'll package it just the way you like it.

We Call It Quality — But You Can Call It Delicious.

In a hurry or need a new idea for dinner? Call or stop in at Watford City Jack & Jill we're sure to have something that will whet your appetite and please your palate.

Making purchases for your freezer? Let us know so we can wrap your meats specifically for freezer storage.

We can cut to order!
We have a meat cutter in our meat department from 7am to 7pm every day.

Bountiful Produce

We hand select the finest produce from around the world and from local farmers.

Only The Freshest Flavors Make Our Store

From perfectly ripe tomatoes to mouth-watering mangos, at Watford City Jack & Jill only the freshest flavors make our store. We hand select the finest produce from around the world to make sure you and your family can experience the flavors of nature as they were intended: fragrant, ripe and naturally delicious.



Quick, easy ... and delicious!
At Watford City Jack & Jill, you'll find that our deli department specializes in delivering the perfect combination of convenience and quality. Whether it's trans fat-free fried chicken, healthy options for kids, or a grab-and-go-meal.

A quick dinner can also be a delicious one. Our fresh baked chicken is succulent, seasoned to perfection and ready to eat. Just open the container and a piping hot dinner entree is ready to serve to the delight of your family.

In our Deli Department, you can also learn about:

Cheese - Which types of cheese go best with certain foods, fruits, wine and more.
Olives - Preparation, uses and tips. Plus great recipes.
Wine - Select a great red, white, port, sparkling or dessert wine.

Party Planner


From sinful sweets to multigrain masterpieces, our bakery selections are made fresh every day.

We slice it any way you like

At Watford City Jack & Jill we use wholesome ingredients to create naturally delicious breads and baked goods your family will love. Choose from a wide variety of premium artisan bread, bagels, rolls, pastries and doughnuts.

From white to wheat - find new varieties, the perfect sandwich bread, or a warm, delicious recipe that will make your next meal a hit.